Lens reference:

Yellow/Amber/Brown Lens : absorbs blue and Ultraviolet light 

Red/Vermilion Lens : absorbs some green light

Green Lens : absorbs red light

IR Shade Lens : blocks Infrared (I.R.) light 

Gray/Mirror Lens : reduces glare and bright light 


3 types of glare: 

1) Refected: light waves that are reflected from flat, smooth or shiny surfaces.

2) Direct : bright light emanating from a direct source i.e.: the sun above

3) Bounce-Back : light from beside or behind you that reflected off the backside of your sunglasses and into your eyes.


Blue Blocker:

Age related macular degeneration, night blindness and retinitis pigmentosa appear to be linked to violet and blue light exposure. Many of these eye problems, which are gradual and develop over a lifetime, can be lessened or prevented by blocking out violet and blue light exposure with Blue Blocker lenses. 

YCT Blue Blocker #1 : filters out 94% of violet and blue light 

YCT Blue Blocker #2 : filters out 100% of violet and blue light